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louisiana bayou novel
the tears garden


So began an almost mystical period in our lives as night after night the two of us worked on the book. I had always been something of a night owl and Roberta soon came to appreciate the peace and creative alchemy associated with those hours. Perhaps the strangest part of the experience was that we were writing a story with an ending neither of us yet knew...
robin keen author


Robin Keen began his writing career in a somewhat storybook fashion. In 1976, after exploring all corners of the country on a Greyhound bus, he arrived in Hollywood with his debut screenplay, San Elysium. It soon attracted the interest of Cannon Pictures. The actor Telly Savalas also became involved in the project. Robin was no stranger, however, to the heights of Hollywood society. At the age of 12, he had struck up an unlikely bond with the legendary director John Ford (Stagecoach, The Grapes of Wrath). During those early years, Robin also had the privilege of meeting such iconic stars as Henry Fonda, James Stewart and Bette Davis. Plagued by many of the familar literary demons, he eventually turned away from writing. It was only decades later when events in his own life took a dramatic turn and his partner Robin Treadway encouraged him to once more return to the craft.

robin treadway writer


Robin Treadway was born near the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, then spent her early childhood in the bayou country of Moss Bluff, Louisiana, before moving to Globe, Arizona during her teens. She had written on and off throughout her life, though it was only after retiring through illness from a career in nursing that she began to do so more seriously. Robin had a number of independent projects on the go when she was so untimely taken, Jayne, a story based on her life as a hospice nurse, Counting Stars, a teenage road-trip saga set in the 1970s, and The Girl, an historical tale about the Arizona Gold Rush of the 1880s.